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The Couch

EDIT: if you’re here from a link party and want more details of what’s going on in this room, I just wrote a post about it here.

Yesterday Jared and I rearranged our furniture.

Now, before I begin, (ahem, Mom) I will be taking more pictures of our whole house… sometime… soon?  Yes, sometime soon.  You’ll get to see some of it, and in a future post I will explain where eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeverything came from.  But not today.  Today we’re just going to rock the couch.

Obviously, our couch is in our living room.  Our living room is also our dining room and our kitchen.  It’s just one long room.  Granted, there is a guest room that we could turn into a dining room, but that’d be… weird.  And I have other plans for that room. 

Anyway, you may recall our couch journey.  We got rid of Lenny/Lester and started brain storming for a new one.  It was super fun to put our heads together on this one.

We were leaning towards using pallets because we thought we could get them for free, but both of our dad’s gave us wood.  Between the two of them, Jared had exactly what he wanted.

Jared started assembling it a day or two after we moved.

Yesterday, after we finished rearranging the living/dining/kitchen room, I snagged some
pictures of the couch.  The sun was moodier than a woman yesterday so the exposure isn’t fantastic, but they’ll give you a feel for the beast.  And it will not stop me from giving you a grotesque amount of pictures.  Maahahahahaha.

(I feel like there should be some sort of drum roll.  Know that I am madly drum-rolling on my legs at this moment.)

That’s it, folks! 
It was a joint effort between Jared and me.  He did all the structural work and I handled all the textiles.  

And this is where The Ugly Chair sits.  And that’s our dining area.  (See… sneak peak!!)

The only thing I don’t like about the couch sitting against the wall (as opposed to in the middle of the living space) is that you can’t see the door, which makes me sort of sad.  But, the whole room is a lot more open this way.

The “cushion” is a mattress that I essentially slipcovered and used a ribbon closure.  I used five large square pillows to line the back of the couch, two regular bed pillows, one body pillow, and that little green and white goober that we already had.   I found a sweet burlap bag in my dad’s barn that I abducted, with permission, naturally.

The couch frame and the coffee table match pretty well, though the wood came from different states.  Neato, eh? 

So, that’s our couch!  Yeah, it’s a little like a daybed (probably a lot) but it works perfectly for long afternoons of studying, movie watching, reading, napping, sprawling, and lounging.  It’s really comfortable.   

And now… I need to pull dinner out of the oven before Jared eats me.  I’m afraid if I make him wait any longer that might be a very real possibility.  
Update: I’ve had several requests for my email address so more specific questions can be asked.  If you’d like to do that, shoot me an email at mmcdaniel@siu.edu.  Use it, don’t abuse it, y’all.
P.s.  I’ve never done this before, but I linked this up to Perfectly Imperfect’s Furniture Feature Link Party, Miss Mustard Seed’s Furniture Feature Friday and Freckled Laundry Textile Party.   Just for kicks.  And they’re my favorite.

29 thoughts on “The Couch

  1. Wow!!! Turned out beautiful! Great job! I just love it. Looks so warm and cozy, perfect place to curl up and read a book. I found you on Perfectly Imperfect link party. Hope you'll stop by and check out The Corson Cottage sometime:) Carrie


  2. It looks super comfy! I recently did something similar in my living room as our old pull out sofa was sagging horribly in the middle and I couldn't take it a moment longer. I didn't really build it though completely though. It started as a twin bed. It is quite comfy and I love it! And it can be used as a guest bed. Love double duty things! Visiting from MMS's link party.


  3. Kudos to both of you for creating a beautiful yet function piece of art!! This turned out great. And I'm sure it means so much more to both of you since you both created it versus something picked out of a store. Your house looks lovely! XoXo,Kristal


  4. It is AMAZING. Really. My husband and I love to work together, so this resonated with me….really, really great job! And I love how you dressed the couch…very beautiful. Will definitely be featuring this on my blog today!!:-)shaunna


  5. I'm so in love ! My living room needs a "daybed/lounge" type of couch because it will be floating in the middle of the room….this would be a REALLY great idea. Why didn't I think of using a mattress? I can't wait to see the rest of your space!!


  6. Brilliant and a great looking room. This is exactly what we need for our basement tv room. It is almost impossible to fit a regular sofa down our stairs so our son plunked a twin mattress on the floor. I have some vintage wood, and now I just need to get an old door. Thanks again for the inspiration!


  7. We have a kitchen-living-dining room in our small beach cottage. Your sofa is exactly what's been dancing around in my head for 2 years. Excellent job & an inspiration! Visiting from Perfectly Imperfect Blog……


  8. StoryK, I sewed the cover myself. I wanted it to look more "couchish" and professional than just throwing a fitted sheet on the mattress (it's a twin size) so I sewed it myself. I used the basic concepts for slipcovering from Mist Mustard Seed (See http://missmustardseed.com/2011/02/video-slipcover-series-part-1-custom/ for a multi-part tutorial). I used drop cloth fabric instead of duck cloth by the yard to save a little more money. Hope that helps!


  9. We just measured the mattress. It is a standard twin size (at least, I put standard twin sheets on it when it converts for overnight guests), but we wanted to make sure it fit our mattress. I think it would be super fun to do something similar with a crib mattress and put it in a reading nook! Maybe at the next homestead… 🙂


  10. This is AWESOME!! My husband and I just sold our entire living room and decided to build it all. This is exactly what I was looking for when I envisioned a couch. You guys are very creative and I hope ours turns out as well as this!! LOVE IT!!!


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