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our time of affliction

One of my undergrad professors provided a gigantic bowl of candy before every exam.  He would tell us it was there to “comfort us in our time of affliction.”
Monday night, Jared and I will be taking an exam testing our knowledge of APA standards.  The exam will test knowledge on formating standards for in text citation and references.  The exam will also test grammar knowledge and usage.
As you can imagine, it has been a real heart throb to study for.
I made brownies.  To comfort us in our time of affliction.
Whatever happens, choose the preferred answer!   
And choose a brownie, because you will feel better.  Guaranteed.
Even if you find yourself questioning the placement of every word in a sentence.  Like I am doing now.
Mom, and chance you want to come study with me this weekend?  Please?  Please oh please oh please?  I will feed you brownies…

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