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{landing} home

I’m a firm believer there is nothing like being away from routine to make you grateful for it when you stumble your way back.


It did not take Kobuk long to remember his favorite spot.

We’ve landed back in the pillows of our couch and the firmness of our bed.  While I was stumbling around in the bob-and-weave style of someone that spent the last 13 hours in a vehicle, I was impressed by the details I’d forgotten about our nest in the almost-four weeks that we were gone: the mason jars we use as drinking glasses, the pine cones on the back of the toilet, the birch bark candle pillars from our wedding in the kitchen, the jars of spices on the microwave.  It feels like landing to be in a space of our own, with laundry to be washed and groceries to be bought (hello, relish for breakfast), and a floor that collects Kobuk’s tumbleweeds, like putting our feet on cool, firm, moist ground after a long flight.




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