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moab {vacation edition}

IMG_3357 IMG_3364 IMG_3368 IMG_3376 IMG_3583IMG_3482 IMG_3616IMG_3409 IMG_3412

IMG_3407 IMG_3436IMG_3470 IMG_3489 IMG_3519




Intricate rock formations, heaps of sand and grit, bright sunshine, cold shade, layers of history, abounding sage.

We camped, hiked, ate our weight in burgers (thanks, Milts), explored, and laughed. We didn’t have an agenda and weren’t bound to a schedule.  We were reminded of the rest that comes from being still outside in what God has created.

And it was good.

3 thoughts on “moab {vacation edition}

  1. Awesome photo of Kobuk – blending right in! I’d be totally down with a quick vacation to Moab…or Colorado. Miss you guys!


    • Miss you too–I’ve been thinking about you a lot lately! You’re almost to April and you’re almost done with that crazy cert. test!
      Come visit ANY time! Moab is only four hours from our house… that’s not far :)!


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