{Puppy Grub} / {Winter}

common scene



1/tail in air, face burrowed in snow attempting to find the tennis ball.

2/snuggler mcgee.  the closer the better.

love that the grub embraces winter.

6 thoughts on “common scene

  1. Ha! Beacon does that, too, only he gives up a lot easier and then it’s me with my rear end in the air trying to find his ball while he barks at me to find it faster. I prefer to just stick with indoor snuggles. 🙂


      • Oh…he’s a wimp inside, too. My dad has a drawing table at his house that is tall enough for me to sit under (so definitely tall enough for Beacon to walk right under it) and if his ball goes under there…he just stands next to it (literally feet away) and bark at it. Apparently he enjoys the snuggles more, too. haha!


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