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life {lately}

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Watching Kobuk burrow in the snow for his tennis ball or simply shove his nose in the bank to come out with a snow beard makes me laugh daily.

Sun glowing through the trees or streaming in my bedroom window in the morning reminds me to be grateful.

Also grateful: new bed sheets and kitchen linens, snail mail, and cast iron skillets that bake up crisp loves of delicious bread (yay, end of Whole30!).

What’s going on in your world lately?  We finished our Whole30 a couple days early because it’s Jared’s birthday tomorrow and there is no way we’re not eating cake.  It’s in the oven right now!  Also, I loved this.

4 thoughts on “life {lately}

  1. cast iron skillets!! I just got a new to me one from a family that is leaving the country! It’s a nice flat one for french toast, fried eggs and such and I am in love!


      • I had a cast iron pot when we first got married and I gave it away before we left the country because I never used it…it was made more for hanging over the fire than cooking on the stove…and 4 from a granddad!! that’s wonderful!!!!


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