{Grateful} / {Mountain Life}

a letter {to wildlife}


Dear Bighorn Sheep, every time it’s sunny I find you relaxing in the middle of our road, completely unabashed by vehicular traffic.  Thanks for reminding me to slow down and watch the shoulder, and for showing me the intricate shade of your chestnut eyes.  Also, your babies are cute and better hikers than I will ever be.

Dear Squirrel that lives in the Colorado Blue Spruce in our yard (thanks for the tree identifier, Ruth!), you have a standing game with Kobuk where you taunt him because he can’t reach you.  This amuses me greatly, please don’t stop.

Dear Baby Mule Deer, your ears are ginormous and always make me laugh.  I don’t want to be a bearer of bad news, but you’re never ever going to grow into them.  Sorry.

Dear Elk, if you think I didn’t see you munching on the alfalfa of the pastured horses, you’re wrong.  You’re totally busted, but since you’re the first elk I’ve seen in the valley I won’t rat you out to the other elk.  You’re welcome.

What animals have you seen lately?  Jared always laughs at me because I have to count and distinguish gender on whatever I see, a little trait I picked up from my Dad.  “Oh, Jared, look, there are 4 elk in that pasture.  One of them is a tiny bull!”  I say, every family needs an animal spotter!

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