{Mountain Life} / {Spring}

Friday Afternoon {Thoughts}

IMG_6706While I was planting this afternoon, my thoughts centered on what I’m grateful for from these last few days.

This week I’ve been deeply grateful for friends, far away but especially nearby.  For a friend that draws out the most honest me and leaves me feeling encouraged and known which feels like the most beautiful gift.

For half days at work that mean I get to enjoy afternoon sunshine.  And for tips earned from coffee slinging that have a new pair of sunglasses on the way.

For walks with Jared and Kobuk, and exploring parts of the river we’ve never noticed before.

For strawberries, because the organic berries coming from our local Whole Paycheck right now are phenomenal.

For bighorn sheep.  So far, we haven’t smushed any on the road which is remarkable.

And for little plants and any excuse I can find to buy just one or two or six more.

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