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fishing {proof}

IMG_2932 IMG_2953IMG_2984 IMG_2561

sometimes itty bitty, sometimes not too shabby, often times nothing at all.  thus far, fly fishing has been relaxing, exciting, infuriating, fascinating, and an all around really good excuse to be outside.  don’t mind if i do go stand in a river and listen to the water rush over the rocks while attempting to convince fish that the artificial fly i have tossed on the water is the real deal…

2 thoughts on “fishing {proof}

  1. Greetings from beautiful Belfast, Maine overlooking Penobscot Bay. Missing your posts and seeing the lovely sights of the mountains out west. Hope all is well with you…keep posting. You have fans out here!!!


    • that’s so sweet! sorry about the haitus, my photo library and i were fighting, but i’m back! also, if you’re on instagram you can find me on there (theruggedrange)! thanks for your encouraging note!


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