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last saturday night, Jared and i went up the pan another 15 miles or so to sneak a little fly fishing into our weekend.  we are in a season where we are spending a lot of our weekends working (are you a weekend worker?  i find that my whole rhythm of rest is thrown of by weekend work, but we’re trying so hard to make space for rest and adventures beyond the daily routine.  if you have thoughts, feel free to share:).

even though i was tired, it was so refreshing to be out on the water for the evening and watch jared catching (not myself–i was just fishing, not catching:).  and if it wasn’t clear what was in these boxes, i did get a new camera–hurrah!  gosh darnit, i really hope that these don’t look pictures from jared’s phone, anymore (I know, sun flair is bad and so are water spots, blah blah blah).  i do not intend to inundate the blog with photos of kobuk, but he’s such a tricky and willing subject that he makes an excellent practice model.  i apologize in advance if i do.

 happy weekend, folks!  i hope this finds you relaxing and connecting with your favorites.

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