Road trips / {Summer}

{weekend edition}


this weekend, we took a couple days off from work to make it a long one and headed to Jared’s ‘rents house.

highlights included:

watching a camp rodeo (way to lope, miss mary!),

subjecting the family to these (because i love them and I think they’re amazing),

bags (because Jared just built us a set and listening to the family talk smack is quite possibly the funniest thing I’ve heard in a while)

 ungame (because creating a lightening round version is the best)

family photos (because we couldn’t stop laughing) and being altogether (because it’s becoming more difficult and so precious)

and lunch with long-time friends

before we scooted back up to the mountains yesterday.


ps: my camera kicked the bucket last weekend.  i’m saving my pennies for a new one, so if things look a little wonky around here for a couple months, don’t judge too harshly.  #goodthingscometothosewhowait #notgoingtochargeit

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