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life {lately}

cactus!IMG_3875 IMG_3892 looking over moabdinner on the deck season! IMG_3940 giant sugary delicious pastries, telluride telluridethe bellsthe bellsthe bells!taco nightfiredinner at town!IMG_4017

the end of april and all of may were filled with trips and ventures and visits and celebrations.


ranch community garden: our very own row to grow, and wee cherry tomatoes coming in on the deck.

Kobuk: always hilarious, always cuddly, always playful, always tennis balls all the time.

youth groupies: reminding me to pray and enjoy the process, to play, and watch movies.

fresh food: warm weathers means new recipes and experiments and trials.  delicious, wonderful, tasty adventures.

humming birds: because our feeders have only been up three days but the birds have already claimed the neighborhood.

generosity: because fly fishing is expensive to break into no matter how you try, but friends giving time and waders goes a long way.

open windows: warm weather means we can hear the river run all. night. long.

visits: for an aunt and uncle and seester who trekked out to our little stretch of neighborhood and blessed us so deeply with their community.


4 years, baby!  this year we graduated, lived in limbo, moved, and dug in.  i’m so grateful for the work you do in loving me so well.

One thought on “life {lately}

  1. Happy 4 years! Miss you guys and hope all is well! Love catching up on your life with the blog it feels like we are sitting eating homemade pizza and chatting!


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