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IMG_3139 IMG_3145 IMG_3146 IMG_3147

…when you’re so engaged with the people you are with, you forget to pick up your camera.  Which is how we came home from a whole road tripped week to Michigan (with stops at the g-rents in Nebraska) with only a sequence of photos of Kobuk and his new bff, Amelia, playing in the snow.

Other highlights included: sitting on my Grandpa’s couch, losing track of time talking with him and Jared.  DeBoer’s bakery for breakfast.  Rounds of Phase10 at the dining table.  Giving and opening gifts (and for a family that knows me so well).  Eating pie as birthday cake.  Spending birthday cash on a new vacuum (take that, Kobuk hair!).  Thrifting with my family.  Turning the dining table into a jewelry studio.  Eating Chinese after church with the Grandparents in Nebraska.  Stuffing our rental car trunk full of loot (picture of the awesome chair given by my Grandpa, coming soon).  Knowing that I am loved by my family.  And Jesus.

It was a great Christmas.

ps: Am I the only one that feels like the new year sneaks up on them every year?  Every.  Time.

pps: Dear Jared, we are on Day 5, and so far I have not tried to secretly cry into the fridge nor have we threatened to eat 3 bags of potato chips in one sitting.  I would say this round of Whole30 is going far better than last time.  Thanks for doing this with me, again!  You’re the best.


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