{Puppy Grub}

hb, little buddy!

kobuk at 5 weeks

kobuk, 10 weeks

IMG_5991_2 IMG_6458




the bells


Today you turn TWO years old!

You adore chewing on sticks, chasing tennis balls, the doggy paddle, galavanting through the woods, guests at the cabin, thumping your tail, the windows down as you ride in the truck, snarfing up popcorn, burrowing your nose in deep powder, snoozing on the couch, splashing in puddles (WHO taught you that?!?!) and licking Jared’s face right after he wakes up.

Sometimes I think you are still exactly the same puppy we brought home, just in an 81 pound body.

Thanks for being the best little smelligus for which we could have hoped.  You make our lives happier and hairier.  HB, Little Buddy!

ps:  Happy Monday, everyone!  Here are my two favorite Kobuk posts to date: sticks and snow.

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