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Kobuk has become a professional couch lounger.   Every time we come home from work, he is curled up on the couch.  This photo was not staged.  Both hilarious and adorable and embarrassing.  Well done, little buddy.

Our PO Box is usually a source of junk mail, but every once and a while something excellent awaits, like a letter from your Grandma.  Thanks for the card, Grandma Goose!

 I’m finally back on top of the laundry after 5 weeks of nuttiness.  Jared, I appreciate your willingness to do a scavenger hunt for your socks every morning.

Every time I’m discouraged about living in the valley, our community at church buoys me back.  Grateful for real people doing real life.

ps: what are you looking forward to right now?  My seester Deborah is coming this weekend, and I could not be more excited!  2 more sleeps!!!!

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