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Friday we strolled down to “Crystal City”, a ghost town/summer town/site of an 1892 mill with a popular 4×4 road leading into it, but during the shoulder season it’s quiet.  After being diagnosed with an ear infection that morning due to his propensity for swimming, Kobuk took the opportunity to wallow in every mud puddle and snow pile along the way.  The quiet was incredible, as were the nachos afterward!  Yums.

What are you guys doing these days to kick back on your days off?  Most of the time we want some combination of outside, couch lounging, and tasty eats.

ps:  GUYS.  I broke my phone.  AGAIN.  How does this even keep happening?  Can I get a phone in a bubble?  Or one covered in bubble wrap?  Or springs so it’ll just bounce when I drop it?  Yes?  I can, right?  (

pps: Jared, during the youth group game Sunday night you shook your booty to get the ping pong balls out of the kleenex box tied to your waist.  Thanks for giving me one more reason to love you.

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