{Fall} / {Grateful}


hiking up the river makin' breaky fire buildin' carter creek & lake too early in the morning

This week:

The tent pole that Kobuk broke on our last backpacking trip has been repaired!  Puppy cuddle+tent=fail.  That backpacking trip?  Worst gear wrecker in years: hole in my sleeping pad AND broken tent pole?  Yowsa.  Thanks for fixing our tent pole, Mountain Hardwear.

After losing the first replacement, the post office delivered my new phone.  Hurray for two weeks being unplugged and now being able to text again.  Yessssss.

And finally: afternoons were sleepy here, after adjusting to my new early morning work schedule.  Thanks for sticking with me without complaint, Jared.  And for manning the snooze button.  Let me brew you another cup of coffee.

What are your plans for the weekend?  We both have to work, but we’re still squeezing in apple dumplings and cider.

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