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{fall} favies

Fall in the mountains.

IMG_2636IMG_2647 IMG_2663 IMG_2666 IMG_2667We’re burrowing in for fall (pre-winter), taking screens off windows, pulling plants inside, and putting deck furniture in storage.  Here’s what I’m using to stay warm this fall:

woolly socks (these are my faves–find them in more exotic colors at a better price here)

toasty down vest (my fave)

fleece (i thrifted an older version of this a few weeks ago, and it’s amazing)

pac boots (again, got mine here)

What is fall like in your world?  Fall is by far the least favorite season by the locals here–it’s viewed as the eternity before the snow sticks and the ski slopes can be opened, but I’m loving it!

5 thoughts on “{fall} favies

  1. I can’t believe you have snow already! I love Fall but I’m glad we aren’t seeing snow yet! We’re headed north in 20 days (not that I’m counting) for a long weekend away and I’m hoping for some solid leafy-colors going on. I bet in a town like yours with Vail so near by that thrift stores are packed with awesome stuff (I’m mostly just envisioning a bunch of rich skiers dropping off their unwanted fannels and vests and stuff…but that’s probably a lofty vision…)


    • In the thrift stores out here you can find BOTH fannels and flannels. The thrift stores are kind of awesome–they seem more chaotic and a bit more pricey than those I’ve found in the midwest, but that almost makes the hunt more interesting:). It’s like mining. For gold. And fleece.
      I’m SO glad that you guys are getting some time away together. That is so EXCELLENT! I hope it’s awesome!!!!


  2. Are you kidding me with that last picture! Gorgeous!

    Alternately hot and cool here, but we Southern Illinoisans know that it won’t freeze until Halloween night 😉 It was always such a bummer to have to wear a jacket over our Halloween costumes growing up, haha. Tomatoes are still super productive, and my fall strawberries in the backyard are lovely.

    Miss you 🙂


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