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in the last week


Lately, we’ve been grateful for:

Healthy bodies.  I was wicked sick last week and there is nothing like a little sickness to remind me to be thankful for bodies that are healthy and strong and sound.   Grateful health is the norm in our house.

Canning.  Like fiends.  It’s all because of my mother.  Jared and I impulsively bought 25lbs of (hatch) green chiles this week because they were a great deal and the man loves chiles.  Jared would like to thank my mother.

Friends.  After church lunches and the slow and steady progress of building community.

A sound roof.  Remember monsoon season?  Ordinarily, monsoon season occurs during July.  But it held on through August.  And now, September. Roof=champ.

Succulents.  Currently wildly overwatered and hail beaten (I’m looking at you, monsoon), they’re still thriving.                       Well done, little plants.

Hiking.  So many trailheads less than an hour drive from our house.

Elk.  More precisely, the sound of elk bugling heard from the comfort of the couch.  Summer is on it’s way out here: the elk are coming, the aspens are starting to turn colors, and soon the big horn sheep will make their appearance (plus, last night Jared put on a HAT.  A hat.  Serious weather changes, folks).

What’s going on in your world?  We’ve been playing with our new grill, canning (chillleeeeeeeees), and making plans to backpack this weekend.

ps: If Kobuk could add a gratefulness line it would read:                                                                                                                                     Tennis Balls.  Because our neighbor left one on our deck Labor Day weekend and I haven’t parted with it since.  It’s so simple and so beautiful.  And bouncy.  And slimy.  And squishy.  And I loves it.


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