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in the last week…




the cabin!





In the last week:

Jared went jeeping in a restored Scout.  The smell of sage under the tires, breakfast burritos heated on the engine, and guy time can’t be beat.

1/ Giant apricot popsicle after mowing the lawn.

2/ Fur rug. With the shape of a llama.  It feels like standing on baby rabbits.  Amazing.  Jared didn’t even bat an eye when I brought it home from the thrift store.

3/ Our mountain abode.

4/ Help with my packing.

5/ Help riding in the truck.

6/ Help watching my bag.  So helpful.

The time is here!  Jared had to stay behind (new job… what?) but I’m in the Mitten to celebrate my Grandpadre!


4 thoughts on “in the last week…

    • RIGHT? It was only 10 dollhairs because some of the llama pieces were coming apart (all the fur is sewn together in pieces on the back). But I sewed the llama back together and now it’s all set!


  1. I hear you are coming to Wray, good for you. We are going to North Dakota the same weekend to see Jenny and Matt. Rock and Nancy are driving us in their little motorhome. We can take turns driving and sleeping.! You know I am anxious to go. I know you must have had a great time in Michigan. Your mama must have hated to see you go! Bittersweet goodbyes, HUH?


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