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in the last week












1/ Hiking up to Thomas Lakes.  Kobuk’s first glacial lake swim!

2/ Clouds nestled down near the cabin.  It’s been really rainy here (not just the afternoon 10 minute monsoon) which somehow makes it feel more like home.

Grateful for screen doors, candles, fleece and down blankets on nights and mornings when our microclimate has gotten so chilly, and that God is drawing us to a church.  Double grateful for my ticket to Michigan in 12 sleeps–hope you treat me well, new Southwest nonstop from Denver to G-Rap!  Couldn’t be more excited to spend time with the fam, eat apple cider donuts from Cranes, pick my weight in produce, and celebrate my Grandpadre.

ps: Jared, this week you let me spread my sewing projects all over the living room floor, gave me your coupon code code for your free pair of shoes, and gently woke me with as many snoozes as I needed.  You are handsome and so much better than any alarm clock.

pps: for a limited time you can stream the civil wars new alblum on itunes for free before it goes on sale on the 6th!

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