{Grateful} / {Mountain Life}

fetch in the frying pan

In the last week we:

Ate popcorn and strawberries for dinner on the night we moved in.

Introduced Kobuk to fetch in a river current (sorry Muskegon River, your currents don’t compare when it comes to the increased challenge of stick retrieval).

Drank coffee and ate bacon and eggs and toast, a breaky favie.

Visited a church and met some folks.

Ate a pint of Ben & Jerry’s in celebration of the official completion of my thesis (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!).

Jared encouraged me to go to a social gathering.  And we had a great time.

Created a hanging “closet” above the washer and dryer.  Greatest idea, ever.

Grateful for change, with all of its bitter and sweet and exciting moments.

ps: if either of us are slower to respond to any electronic forms of communication than normal, please forgive us.  our internet options are expensive (and by options, i actually mean option.  uno.) and so we haven’t pulled the trigger it.  also, we only get cell service if our phones are leaning against the screen in the kitchen window.  it’s kiiiiiiiiind of like a media fast, except it’s all the time.  all of this to say: have patience and we’ll get back to you.

pps: here’s to hoping I can figure out where our foodstuffs are going to be stored.   #PostGroceryShoppingChallenges

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