have you tried the new chunky sharpie pens?  Life changing.

For a fresh stack of stickies and sharpie pens (thanks, Deborah and Grandma Goose!) and free wifi at the library, organizing our abode search.

Eager to be home in the place where God has given us to land, grateful for His goodness.

3 thoughts on “{grateful}

    • We’re going to rent for right now! Maybe in a year or two after we get to know the area better we’ll look for a McDaniel homestead, but for now, renting :). I thiiiiiiiiink we found a place last night–it needs some elbow grease (hopefully they’ll let us make it nicer?) but it has an amazing yard and deck and clothesline and blah blah blah. The outside is great:).


      • So exciting to find a cabin high on the mountain top just for you two.
        Enjoy. Grandpa is having good day, I drove him to the farm and then out to Pizza.
        Life is getting a bit easier here. Thank you Jesus! keep in touch


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