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may! {it’s almost over}

great folks, there.

momma and pops mcd



how hoods are actually supposed to be worn

best anniversary gift.

plaid family forever!



wall o' boxes!

This has been, quite possibly, the longest May in the history of all Mays.

Grateful for lessons learned through perseverance and prayer.

Two more sleeps in Southern Illinois (and just in time–it’s starting to get all hot muggy and buggy here), one in Missouri, and then, as I told Kobuk, all our sleeps will be in Colorado.  Hope springs eternal!

ps: (and fyi) If you’ve heard we were headed to Estes Park, that’s no longer the case (Jared had a job on a ropes course that was still being built–the contractor fell through so there is no ropes course being built this summer).

pps: don’t worry, God’s got good stuff in store.  if we’re not worried (which we aren’t) then you’re not allowed to worry.  those are the rules.

ppps: Jared, I’m more excited to hit the road with you than I am when I devour stove top popcorn and ice cream {straight from the carton}.  Wherever we are together that is home.

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