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Last summer when our friends Rob & Steph visited, we walked through our farmer’s market and a terra cotta quail brimming with succulents caught my eye. 

The planter enchanted me as memories of a shorter and younger self traipsed through the desert, earned junior ranger badges, and fought with Deborah for the bunk that pulled down over the drivers seat of my grandparents motor home (it was so cool).  Isn’t it funny how quickly moments can wash over you?

I got the quail.  I bucked my revulsion of the succulent trend floating around the internet for my first night camping in Texas, a long morning shopping in Mexico, seeing where my grandparents volunteered in Tuscon, hiking through the cactus, scrambling down through the water in a small canyon.

The quail and I have been getting along well.  Just the two of us.

And now?


IMG_1024 IMG_1031 IMG_1034 IMG_1033 IMG_1027


She started it.


6 thoughts on “she {started it}

  1. So glad you succumbed! I’ve given up on plants until we have a home that gets any amount of sunlight (which would be more than we get now). 🙂


    • I have totally and completely been succumbed :). I really want to get a giant house plant, but Jared has banned them until after we move… despite my most persuasive efforts while standing in the garden section holding big, beautiful house plants.


    • If this were facebook, I’d be all “like” right now:).
      Eleanor, Eleanor Cornmother. I’ve come to think the last name sounds so entirely offensive, though it definitely wasn’t meant to!


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