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the machine {& possibly something for you?}

A month or two before Christmas, I got a text message from my mother-in-law asking if I wanted a treadle sewing machine.  She didn’t give me a lot of details, but I had been eyeballing them in antique stores for a long time, so I quickly responded.  I wasn’t planning on pursuing a treadle machine for years, but if you’re going to offer me one… well, I cannot resist.

We took the machine home at Christmas.  It belonged to the mother of the folks that sold my in-laws their new house.  These are the same folks that I got the awesome yellow lamp from.  What can I say?  They’re super cool folks.

Yesterday, I was cleaning and organizing some stuff and I finally got to fully explore the sewing machine.  When we brought it back at Christmas we pretty much just carried it to its spot and then I put a lamp on top of it.  And then I wiped my hands and said the end.

But yesterday during my cleaning I explored it completely.  the machine!

I love this machine.

As I probed the drawers yesterday, it was clear the woman that owned it valued and cared for it.  Some of the drawer fronts around the edges have been damaged and carefully repaired.  All four of the original bobbins were in the machine.  A general care manual, a paper measuring tape, zippers that were torn out of a garment to be used again, notions for overalls, all carefully stored.

I almost felt like I was looking through another woman’s journal.  Though, I have decided to name it Harold, after some scribbly writing about Harold we found on the back of the care manual.  IMG_0844 IMG_0842 IMG_0859 IMG_0841

While it seems to be in good shape overall, the leather belt that runs from the machine down to the bottom (foot part?  treadle?) was coming apart in pieces.  Little chunks of leather licorice rope.  Okay, that’s just what it looked like. IMG_0846 IMG_0845 IMG_0857 IMG_0840I love it.  I appreciate that the woman that gave it to my mother-in-law didn’t want it to go to an auction, that she wanted it to go to a home that would cherish it and value it.  One that would hear its story.

While I was listening to its story, I found all sorts of sweet gems in the drawers like that 35 cent key oil.

Sadly for me, however, I don’t want all of the drawer contents.  So, I thought I would offer them to you… do you like vintage patterns, some vintage ribbons, buttons, and the notions from overalls?  (I kid you not, overalls)

If you don’t want it, I totally understand (afterall, I don’t want it).  But if you do want to hear the story from some of these little goods, then tell me in the comments and I’ll send it to you (I’m looking at you Anne Bronkema).  I just can’t bear to throw it away, so I’d rather spend four dollars to send it to you.  Okay?  Okay.

Here are the goods up for grabs:IMG_0847 IMG_0848 IMG_0849 IMG_0850 IMG_0852 IMG_0853 IMG_0855

There are some lace, some buttons, some needles, some instructions for how to sew a dress at home, some vintage dress patterns, and in that old newspaper is a cut out and carefully rolled up pattern (though I don’t know for what.  They mystery of the vintage find).  There are also vintage ribbons and vintage ric racs.

So, if you think you could do something awesome with these lovely old treasures, let me know!  Because I am concerned that no one will actually want these, I’m going to send these goods to whomever comments that they want them first!

Harold thanks you for hearing her story.

The end.


5 thoughts on “the machine {& possibly something for you?}

  1. Mary, Can I have the material and the buttons? If you dont mind seperating it. Also I knwo a friend from church that would take the rest if you want me to give it to her. Thanks for the freebies!


  2. AHHH! You know me so well. What a treasure trove! Also, the bit o’ fabric wrapped around the top of the sewing machine used as a pincushion is GENIUS. Ken does not like it when I loose needles in the carpet after they roll off the table onto the floor.


    • I always lose them too, but now I have a magnetic pincushion. I asked for sewing stuff for Christmas last year, because apparently I thought I could do all of my projects with paper clips and child-size scissors. I kind of want to take the fabric off because it’s a little grody (so grody I’m not sure how to get it off). We’ll see:).


  3. oh love it all!!! My mom has a singer just like this…and what a find of all the notions and bits! Love it and glad you are enjoying it! Those are some of the things I miss living an ocean away…the antiques


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