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the {mountains}

The mountains.

Mountains capture me.  When I was 12, my family took a 3 week vacation to the southwest, and I remember being fascinated (and impatient) as we drove towards a mountain range (why weren’t they coming closer, faster?!) because they were so new and so different than Lake Michigan.  After living in Bishop, California in 2006 and 2007, I was ruined.  I loved them.  Living far from a mountain range since has been challenging and almost painful.  The only way I can explain is like living far from a friend… you can email and talk on the phone (or drool on your keyboard looking at the mountains on the world wide web) but it’s not the same as eating breakfast together, sharing a cup of coffee and being in the thick of each other’s life.

Driving through the snowy foothills this week was a beautiful gift.  I’m so grateful.

I’m also telling you this because what follows includes a driving play-by-play.  You. Are. Welcome.IMG_0748 IMG_0755 IMG_0761IMG_0752 IMG_0763 IMG_0768 IMG_0769 IMG_0771 IMG_0770 IMG_0778 IMG_0779

IMG_0805 IMG_0796 IMG_0791

IMG_0784 IMG_0810 IMG_0813 IMG_0816 IMG_0822

Last week, though we experienced some almost hilarious travel hiccups (like an overnight stay in Chicago), we ended up where we planned.   We spent several days in Fort Collins and then a couple days with the fam in Wray. It was a precious break and a refreshing “we’re almost there!” trip.

ps: my deepest thanks to Matt & Beth who adopted Kobuk for the week.  He hasn’t stopped sleeping since we’ve come home, a sure sign that he had a mischievous and delightful week.  Thank you.  Also, thanks for that awesome feast in the last picture, best you-just-got-off-the-plane-pick-me-up ever.

pps: I’m also deeply appreciative to Rollie and Gale for picking us up from the airport, bacon and eggs, and letting me pelt your children with snowballs.

ppps: Thank you, Aaron, Emily, and Mini-Fischer for letting us stay with you for the week.  You were superb hosts and gracious vehicle lenders :).  So excited for you about Mini-Fischer!

pppps: Finally, thanks to the fam.  We loved working on the house with you, spending time, and playing Catch Phrase.  I’m sorry it’s so difficult for me to explain the U.S.S. Enterprise.  Next time.

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