{Grateful} / {Puppy Grub} / {Winter}


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IMG_0684 IMG_0661IMG_0665 IMG_0669

IMG_0687 IMG_0673

Southern Illinois is better with snow.  Granted the snow last about 48 hours, but it was better than nothing!

I’m grateful for:

1) big fluffy flakes, 2) warm birthday boots, 3) research for the future, 4) the please-take-me-with-you stance 5) sleepy naps, 6) beeswax candles, 7) plants, and 8) wool blankets.

I hope your weekend was great!  Ours was a perfect mix of relaxing and active.  Double grateful for snow, lunch with kind friends, and Jared’s breakfast making skills.


One thought on “{weekend}

  1. Hello…I actually have bee keeping supplies in my tiny little barn! They
    re yours! We found them when showing the place and the lady was so excited to see them. Now they don’t want the house and I am free to make them available to you!


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