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it’s the day of love {a letter}


Nothing says love like spending all day working on our theses.  We.are.going.to.make.it.  I’m so proud of you for writing so well even when it doesn’t make your heart go pitter-patter.


Thanks for the heart shaped chocolate chip pancakes and bacon, and laughing when I shot you with nerf darts that said “I love you” right after you woke up.


Thank you for understanding my dry and quirky humor.

I love you madly.



ps: what do you do to celebrate Valentines Day?  Normally, we pass it by without the blink of an eye, but I think the thesis/last semester/are-we-done-yet strain makes me look for the beauty and celebration in every day even more than normal (hence all the grateful posts lately).  Tonight we have church small group (we’re having breakfast for dinner tonight and I am SO excited!).  Those folks have kept us from going off the crazy end more than once in the last three semesters and I’m glad to spend Valentine’s with them.

pps: you are loved, my friends!  don’t forget!

pps: Kobuk wants you to be his valentine.  He likes long walks (on and off the beach), sweet potatoes, and coconut oil.

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