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grateful {wednesday}


At the end of terrible tuesday it became terrific tuesday after two hours in the craft shop making with clay.

The way kobuk greets me when I walk in the door after having been gone for hours.  So loved.


Sunshine and chacos.  Yes.


This yellow light in our kitchen from a kind man named Ken.  Thanks, Ken.


Plant explosion.  Cactus always remind of me a three week vacation with my grandparents in the southwest when I was twelve.


Today’s thesis office.


Jared.  Greatest husband ever.  This week he re-caulked the bathtub seal, hacked this lamp, and bought me popsicles when my stomach was feeling wonky.



Happy Humpday, Everyone!  I confess, I’ve had better weeks–I’m taking a psychology course as an elective this semester and it’s much too advanced for me.  Holy stress.  I may be withdrawing because I don’t actually need it, but my pride and I haven’t quite come to grips with that yet.  Though yesterday’s meltdown was a good start.

It’s been so sunny and in the high 40’s/low 50’s in the last couple days, which means chaco weather and an outdoor office.  So glad it’s Wednesday!  What are you grateful for this week?


4 thoughts on “grateful {wednesday}

  1. I’m grateful for you reminding me to be grateful. I had terrible Tuesday, too. But now it’s Wednesday, the sun is shining, a puppy is in the office with me, and I have a cold Coke sitting on my desk.


  2. Love this…although I’m a wee bit jealous you can see grass.

    Also, that lamp? IT’S SO AMAZING. I might be a tad jealous of that too.

    And, for goodness sake, DROP THAT COURSE. But I totally hear ya on the pride thing. I’ve been there.


    • Anne, I think YOU are AMAZING.
      I’d been eyeballing swing arm lamps all over the place, and then Ken, who my in-laws bought their new house from, gave me the lamp because he didn’t want to move it. I wasn’t wild about the color at first but it’s grown on me like a fungus. Now we’re in luuuuuuuv.
      We’ve been craving knee-deep snow, but we have the balmy instead… so we’ll wear chacos and be grateful:).
      I’m pretty sure if I keep this course I will not finish my thesis in time, so I think I’m going to have to cut ‘er loose. I already bought the books, but Jared says it isn’t worth my sanity. So glad you agree!


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