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{recent} sanity & gratefulness

Sanity lately means working with my hands.

Making bread.

bread, herb infused olive oil, coffee

Covering up the ugly binder with calming paper.kraft paper makes everything better

Making Jared a leather belt for his birthday.

dyed that leather myself!

Challenging all of my knitting skills to transform yarn into mitts.


Waxing canvas myself.


Turning a giant spool of yarn into Sasquatch.it's growing!

We feel the finality of this semester so heavily that it easy to want to fast forward past all of the work and effort. But I’m grateful God has set us at this slow pace in the last leg.  Just because we’ve almost eaten the elephant doesn’t mean we gobble up the last bit in one bite.

So, in the meantime, I’m grateful for breaks that engage me in ways writing and reading do not.  I’m grateful for family: for recent mail from all of our grandparents who tell us they’re praying for us and I know they’re really praying.  I’m grateful for friends far away that send kind emails (that’s your impressive wife, Randy).  Grateful for my friend Ruth, who answers my panic texts about knitting with calm reassurances.  I’m grateful for grainy pictures of Paul and text messages from other states.

Grateful for this life.  This today.

ps: Paul has left the nest and is in Texas at a military-esque academy; he’s right in the middle of basic training so our contact is limited.  We’re getting pretty skilled at picking him out of a group photo.

pps: bread recipe here.  felted oven mitt pattern here.  box-bottom bag tutorial here.

ppps: what are you doing to stay sane and grateful these days?  I’d love to hear!


One thought on “{recent} sanity & gratefulness

  1. what do I do to stay sane? Much of the same as you my dear. I made coaster this week with wonky lines that make them look like tree trunks. I might pick up my knitting today. I am contemplating what should cover a canvas. There is something so not real about studying and learning…I felt that so much last year in language school. sometimes it’s just good to make something!


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