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gratefulness {the weekend}

This weekend I got sick.  I can tough my way through a cold, but nausea knocks me flat.  There seems to be a lot of flu going through Southern Illinois right now, so I did not waste anytime picking up a bug.  Yes, I am quite skilled.

I watched Jared finish my obligations from my perch on the couch.

I cheered from a chair while  Matt and Beth and Jared made dinner in the kitchen.  IMG_0313

I ate strawberry popsicles and took immune booster.IMG_0320

Grateful for friends that visit you even when you’re puny, for sickness that forces me to slow down, and the best husband that never complains about the whimpering or the water glass the requires constant refills.

Thanks for being the best, Jared!


One thought on “gratefulness {the weekend}

  1. Hooray for Jared!!!! Setting the standard for husbands everywhere:) Hope you are feeling lots better today, Mary! Did you guys get flu shots????? Love you!


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