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gifts for christmas {2012}

I wrote three checks yesterday and I remembered in each one that it was 2013.  I’m so proud.

But!  Last year, I showed you the gifts I made for Christmas, so I thought I would show you what I made for Christmas this year.  I did small items in big batches.  It’s just what worked for our lives.

First, I knitted and then felted some wool pot holders.  My mom was in need.

IMG_9996 IMG_9993

A little homemade vanilla extract, with some vanilla beans thrown in so that they can be refilled.  Yum.IMG_9987

I switched from body wash to bar soap recently, and a friend and I made some to give to our families.  Be clean!IMG_9983

And finally, for the jotting needs that everyone has, little pocket notebooks.IMG_9976 IMG_9973

Merry Christmas!

And by that, I mean have a meaningful 2013.  And don’t forget to write 2013 so your checks will clear.


4 thoughts on “gifts for christmas {2012}

    • Not yet… this is the first time I’ve made soap. I like it, but there are things that I want to tweak about our recipe and technique. But, when I make a new batch (hopefully in the next month or so) I’d be super happy to send you a bar. I’ll keep you posted, Karen!


  1. The labeling is great, not to mention the gifts as well! This was the first year (well, since i was like 5) that I made a few presents for the fam and they were well received (#sighofrelief).


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