monday! {it’s here!}

And so a new semester begins.  Our last semester!  The trees of the fields clapped their hands and all the people rejoiced!

Since our return over the weekend, we’ve spent time resting and praying and preparing for the push to the finish line.  Preparation included welcoming a new plant.

IMG_0304 IMG_0299 IMG_0305

Today finds us tinkering with our class schedules and some at-home work.

I am also particularly excited for the mail to arrive–four weeks worth of mail, including four pounds of coffee from this place!  We’ve never gotten Dean’s Beans before, but they come highly recommended by Deborah for their price, quality, and ethical treatment of workers.  The mailbox is going to smell sooooooooooo good.  Huzzah!

Happy Monday, everyone!

ps: plant inspiration found here and here.


2 thoughts on “monday! {it’s here!}

  1. Henrietta! (Is that what her name ended up being?) She looks great! And I love your new little plant. Happy semester start. You’re going to kill it. Both of you!


    • Very close! Eleanor Cornmother:). The first time I read this I thought you meant we were going to kill the plant… I now understand that you meant the semester! Bahaha. Thanks for your encouragement, dear friend!


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