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in the mountains

One of the weekends we were in Colorado, we snuck away from the plains, where Jared’s folks live, to see the mountains…

camping 026 camping 032

They whirred by our windows while we snaked our way up Poudre Canyon (um, yes, that’s pronounced poooo-der).

camping 005 camping 011

We squished the siblings into the back with Kobuk, but left the ‘rents at home.

Camping without ‘rents means you eat s’more bookends: before and after dinner.

camping 037

camping 041 camping 039

It was crisp, isolated, and beautiful.

camping 070 camping 065

camping 068 camping 066 camping 038

We grabbed a cup of coffee in downtown Fort Collins and sipped our way back east, while chuckling at the many awkard ways Kobuk choose to sleep on the way home.

camping 092

Best first-sibling-camping-trip ever.

ps: all photos compliments of Paul, as my camera batteries died in the driveway.  Thanks, Paul!


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