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grumpus bow {and under the table tug of war}

Kobuk became a one-year-old last month.

And in just a couple weeks, we’ll celebrate having him for one year.

So, naturally, I dressed him up on Christmas day.  I was filled with thankfulness after all, and how do you celebrate puppy grub thankfulness, but by dressing him up and making him pose by the Christmas tree?  {No? Was this not the right answer?}IMG_0081

This is what we affectionately call the “Grumpus” face.

Kobuk was not feeling as thankful for me as I was for him.

But eating the bow really helped.IMG_0086

So did under the table tug-of-war.


Grateful for this expressive face and bushy tail.  He wasn’t new this Christmas, but he still feels like a gift.


2 thoughts on “grumpus bow {and under the table tug of war}

  1. It seems the most logical to me. If Beacon let me, I’d put a bow on him every day to celebrate him, but we all know how much he’d like that (he wouldn’t).


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