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it’s late {don’t listen to me}


My brain.  It’s.




The Place.




It’s the end of the semester.

All of my favorite ink pens are dry.  Literally.  I had to write a final exam this morning in a pen that wasn’t my favorite.  I hope the professor doesn’t hold it against my grade.  My handwriting was not its best.

I’ve broken two glass conditioner jars around my toes in the shower this week.  That’s never happened before.

We went to Trader Joe’s while we were in the city this weekend.  I got a huge bar of chocolate.  It’d be embarrassing for me to tell you how much chocolate remains.

Kobuk seems to have finally eased out of his seasonal shedding.  We can go back to vacuuming every three days instead of every three hours.  It’s been very hairy at our house.  Yowsa.

Late night blogging isn’t a good idea.   I say silly things after 8:45pm.  Don’t listen to me, I’m a pumpkin.

That’s not how the Cinderella story goes, but it’s 10:03pm and you can’t stop me.

I’m proposing my thesis to my committee Wednesday.  Really hope they sign the paper that allows me to start my research and that they don’t turn it into confetti in front of my face.  I’m planning to bribe them with baked goods, because that’s totally my style.

I really hope it snows in Colorado and Michigan over break.  I miss snow.

I’ve spent the last twenty minutes paging through maddie’s archives (you probably should too).  Oh, Maddie.

Sneak Peak: Aspirations

Alright.  I’m going to pull a Kobuk (sans growling, barking, and running in my sleep).

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