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the zoo!

This weekend we visited Matt & Beth!

They took us to the zoo.Matt & BethTo see the zebras.zebra!  And the camels!  The camels were right next to the zebras.

two humps and a grouchy faceLet’s all recall that a camel can chug 30 gallons of water in 15 minutes.  Impressive.eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeagleMajestic baldies!they color coordinate!Kitty!tony, the tigerThe kitties were sleepy.  Can’t say I blame them, it was quite balmy for December.IMG_9798His paws are bigger than Kobuk’s.  Coooooooooooooool.IMG_9812Jared wore this shirt so he could color coordinate with the peacock.  BFF’s (but he won’t admit it in person).grumpy gorillaThe gorilla looked grumpy.  Grumpy Gorilla grabbed gum from his Grandpa.  Now he’s grounded.

Ghastly Grumpy.IMG_9833Grumpy Gorilla’s Grampy, Guster.

Guster is a good.IMG_9828Guster is goofy.IMG_9826Guster is gracious and gallant.  He’s just that good-natured.  Goodbye, Grampy Guster!IMG_9795Wild ass.  Fur reals.  They were pretty.


IMG_9850He was so close, I could have petted him.  But I didn’t want to mess up his do.

Everyone should go to the zoo!

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