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{thanksgiving} shenanigans

Jared and I elected to have a Staycation for Thanksgiving break this year.

It was delightful.

We got talk to all of our immediate family members over the weekend, and Thursday it was so warm we crashed in the grass for a while.

We made a big meal (cooking dream=still eating leftovers).

We stayed up late and slept in late, we played games, read books, knitted (well, I did) talked and dreamed and watched our hopes dance and play in our imaginations.  We worked on fun projects and shimmied around on our floor in our socks.

Last night I convinced Jared that we should open one Christmas gift from each other, because I am just that unashamedly impatient.


We were longing to feel refreshed, and we do!  Grateful.

We have two more weeks of classes then a finals week.  Not much semester left!  We are already eager to pack up the Expedition and make the Home Team Tour.

What was your Thanksgiving highlight?  Mine was a tasty meal, knitting next to Jared, bathing Mr. Grub, and lots of tug of war!

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