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No more sleeps. Break is HERE.Welcomed like hikers stumbling upon a stream trickling in a Mexico dessert (one time a few weeks after we started dating, Jared and Jordan & Ruth were backpacking in Mexico and almost died because they ran out of water and their maps were wrong.  But they didn’t, so that’s cool.  Good chat.) we are grateful for a chance to really, truly, Sabbath. So far…{breakfast for lunch.  my panacakes are not as burned as they look, have no fear.}
{wool blanket and sunshine and couch nap}
{fresh books}
Happy Thanksgiving Week, Everyone!  Jared and I aren’t traveling for this one–we’ve been on the road or out in the field teaching for the last twelve weekends, so we’re staying put.  Our plans are to keep the couch naps coming, make enough food Thursday to feed us for a week, devour those books, catch up with our home teams on the phone, and crunch leaves under our feet.  ps: What are your plans?  What is your least favorite Thanksgiving food?  Unpopularly enough, my least favorite Thanksgiving dish is turkey… I never liked it as a kid and was really glad the year my mom told me I could just eat ham instead.  Game changer. Your favorite? I think mine is stuffing… I’m wild about all the sides.  Praying you get some good time with those you love.

3 thoughts on “it’s {time}

  1. This makes me so joyful. Praying furiously that this week is just what you need to refill your heart for the next months' battle. I also don't love turkey so I mix it in with my potatoes and corn to hide it. I could eat sides all day long…so I think I will. Can't wait to see you…one month from TODAY!


  2. least favorite…well, when the stuffing is snotty, you know, wet and slimy and, well, snotty! Otherwise I love it! And raw cranberry relish!!! This year I found cranberries (at $7 a box thank you very much) and then we used an orange from our tree and a lime from our other tree. Grind them all up, add some sugar to taste and WOW it's the best!!


  3. Steph: YES. Excited, so excited. Liz: Ironically, cranberry relish is my second least favorite thanksgiving dish. But snotty stuffing, or boxed stuffing… well, that's not really awesome either. I would totally try the cranberries you're describing–I think I've had the canned stuff before and that's in the same category as snotty stuffing. Deeeh.


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