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{riding in cars with dogs}

On Tuesday and Thursday afternoons, Jared and Kobuk come to pick me up from school.

I watch the mirror the whole ride home.

In one more sleep, Jared and I leave to celebrate M & B.

I literally do not think it is possible for me to be more excited for them to become their own little family.


4 thoughts on “{riding in cars with dogs}

  1. Yay Kobuck! That's how Mr. rides, too. The best. He sits patiently looking out the window then back at us until we put the window down. I'm dreading winter. 🙂 (Congratulations Matt & Beth!)


  2. I was confused for a minute when you said M&B, because in my job we sometimes use M&B to refer to "Mercy and Benevolence" (as in, when people ask the church for money). Then I figured out what you meant.


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