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{bacon tastes like friendship}

When we were in Colorado for Paul’s Eagle Scout Court of Honor, some of the local menfolk got together for a man breakfast to celebrate Paul.

I cannot tell you exactly what happened over biscuits and gravy, because, for obvious reasons, I was not present.  I do know that Jared prepared a blessing and some chunks of wisdom to share with Paul.  I also know that several of the mustachioed party told Paul that one essential part of moving into the next season of adulthood is friendship. Really high quality, I’ve-got-your-back, friends.

I nodded along as this was shared with me, thinking they were right, but breezing by their words.

Later that day I got a text message from a friend.  It simply read, “I am putting some bacon in your freezer”.

I stopped.  I thought about the words the menfolk had shared.  Until this place, we’ve not been in one home long enough to make a house key for a friend, nor near enough to family to doll them out.  But she has one.  And she used it to leave farmer’s market made soap on my counter and bacon in my freezer.  When she’s in town, she uses it to let herself in to sleep on the couch, so that I can belly flop on her in the morning.  She lets me get that big wet spot on her shoulder when I cry, encourages me, prays with me, dreams with me, hopes with me, and laughs at my jokes.  She is a beautiful strand in the texture of our life.

Before I went to bed that night, I told Paul when he’s developing new friends, he needs to ask himself if they would uses his house key to put bacon in his freezer while he’s out of town.

Those folks, those bacon-friends, they’re keepers.

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