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grateful. weekend volume.



God reminded me of his faithfulness this weekend.  Thankful for the reminder of his extravagant love. 
Jared and I spent most of our weekend in hearty conversation, reading, eating amazing food, and sitting beside our fire.
Saturday morning Jared had a canoeing outing for his canoeing class.  I tagged along to be the even number, but some students didn’t show up (who are these people that skip canoeing class?) and so Kobuk and I got our very own canoe.
Kobuk called me Skipper all afternoon.  It was awesome.
He, however, was not always the most attentive First Mate.
He got distracted easily by the students.
And the water.

And how handy my leg worked as a headrest.

If Kobuk could actually speak (or just listen), he would have heard a fantastic canoeing lesson from Jared.  Jared did a great job instructing for his backpacking trip, but his instruction was even better this weekend (I’m still not entirely certain how this was possible.  It just was).  Crazy blessed to be married to this man.
ps: Remember this house-tour series I started?  I really haven’t forgotten about it!  I tried to snag photos this weekend, but every time we were home it was overcast and my photos turned out poorly.  Some sunny day soon, I’ll let you in, promise!
pps: Remember how I got all crazy and decided to extend my Whole30 experience?  Sunday was Day 40!  I’ll be posting about the experience soon.  Stay tuned.

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