{Whole30 Journey}

the last leg!

It’s Day 30.

Boom shakalacka, baby!

{excuse me while I run a victory lap}

For the last 30 days, we haven’t eaten any grains, sugars, or dairy.  Or legumes.  Or cupcakes.  Or peanut butter cups.  Or ice cream.  Or popcorn.

I’m going to write another post that will dish the good, the bad, and the ugly from our  Whole30 journey.  Stay tuned.  I’m actually going to turn my Whole30 into a whole40, because I’m a crazy person and I think my body is still healing.  And, I figure I’m already 30 days into it, I may as well go another 10 days…

…I’m a crazy person.  But I gotta say, I now love me some meat and veggies.

Happy Thursday, everyone!

sneak peek: mcdaniel family photos.  photo credit: Emily Kline Photography (she’s a great family/child photographer, located in the norearster of colorado, if you’re in the area and looking for one)

ps: What do Thursdays look like for you?   This semester, Tuesday-Thursdays are crazy for Jared and I with classes and work, while Friday-Monday are mostly pretty chill.  Our semester is a lot more balanced than the spring, but it feels like a lop-sided balance.  This weekend, Jared’s backpacking course has an overnight trip, so I’m going to tag along.  Eager to pull out my boots and sleep under the stars!

3 thoughts on “the last leg!

  1. I would love hear about your menu! :)(We have been contemplating this since Emily Loerke from Today's Letters first posted about her 30 days…but have been intimidated by the meal planning.)


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