{House Tour}

the internet house meets the real house

Hello there!

I’ve decided to run a mini-series on the blog, where I’ll be sharing our real house space on the internet house.

Nope, I’m not doing it so you can be a super-creeper.  I’m hoping it’ll bless our family members that have never been here…  {Surely I am not the only person with family members that like to know what the space I’m standing in looks like when I chatty chat with them on the phone?  No, I’m certain I’m not.}

Jared’s family has never been here, and if they do come, I’m hoping to wrastle them into helping us move (Dear God, please have us move West to the mountains and less-humidity-fewer-bug-climate.  Thanks.  Amen.) at which point our abode will probably be wildly out of control in the moving process and it won’t look like it looks now.

So, with this in mind, welcome to our real house!

We’ll start outside.  That is, afterall, where you would start if you came here in reality.  Also, if this is reality, I would come up with super-neat names for everyday items.  Or I’d speak in an accent.  Sadly for you, you’re stuck with my internet humor.

Bummer, dude.

This is the front.  Clearly.  I’m here to state the obvious.  However, if you came here in reality, Kobuk would not be sitting so cutely…

He’d be doing this… SO excited you’re here!

We have a fairly ample side yard, which is quite lovely.  See that stump? The truth is: I don’t get enough cell phone coverage to talk on the phone in our house. In addition to pacing up and down the street while talking on the phone, I also stand on the stump.  Now you know.If I were on the phone, I would pace over to the backside of the house…
Then, I would check up on my super psycho-crazy tomato plant, Hamish.  He’s working on his third tomato for the summer.  He’s… delicate…
Then, I would look at those charming chairs, and I would want to sit in them, but I don’t get service when I sit in the chairs, so I would go back and stand on the stump.
And then Kobuk would run over to see you.  Because you’re really nice.  And your face probably needs to be licked.
After face licking, Kobuk will chew on sticks.  You’re welcome to stop and smell the flowers and sit in the chairs.  Unless, of course, you’re on the phone.
This is our garden compliments of me mum and me papabear.   

Maybe the next time you stop over, we’ll actually let you in the house!

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