Backpacking & Outside / {Puppy Grub}

water weekend

{I knighted Kobuk}
Beasts in the water.  Beware.
{forgot our eating utensils}
this was kobuk’s first overnight camping trip, via canoe.  we had a great trip (we dubbed it our anniversary trip, because while we celebrated in may, we did the meaty work of reflecting and setting goals this weekend)!
it was filled with does and fawns, blue herons, a bald eagle, an orange crescent moon, turtles, whipporwill, bard owls, and gobbling turkeys in the night.  happy campers.
whole30 update: this morning starts day 5 of our whole30 journey.  overall, it’s going really well: there are moments where it feels incredibly easy and then moments where it feels very difficult (i just want grains, now).  neither of us have experienced headaches from the sugar detox, though i have dreamt about food and we can both feel that we’re eating different food because our guts feel a little different.  we’re getting plenty to eat!  so far we’re both far more aware of when we’re hungry, and have opportunities to analyze if we’re truly hungry, just craving something, or craving habitual food habits (oh, popcorn).  onward we go!

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