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a little visit

Last weekend our friends Rob and Stephanie visited from the great state of Michigan.

We had so much fun together; Jared and I found it very refreshing.  We’ve been blessed to make some roadtrips this summer, but being visited in Southern Illinois makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside.  For reals.

We spent our time dog wrestling (bound to be approved as a new olympic sport any day now)…

Mudding: for canines and humans.
Learning to swim (all the rage this summer).
Playing keep away.  Because our is a bully. 
Crafts.  Because they’re my love language (this one totally doesn’t work though.  just heads up so you don’t suffer the keen dissapointment of craft failure.  ouch.).Dog drool.  Also a love language, though perhaps not cherished.
Games… and way too much food…
And some hiking…
So thankful.

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