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the bedddddddd-duh-duh-duh

Happy Monday, Homeslices!

As promised, today I have pictures of the bed Jared built us!

Prior to this bed, our box spring and mattress had been hanging right on the floor.  When we bought the box spring and mattress, they came with the world’s cheapest bed frame which promptly broke.  We rolled with it on the floor for a while but eventually we sorta wanted to feel like grown-ups.

This what we had going on before:

Our abode in Massachusetts.

Our abode here.  We decided with the new bed to do two things: ditch the duvet cover where one of us got to sleep with a duvet edge with blanket and the other person got a floppy envelope of duvet fabric, and also ditch throw pillows.  While duvets and throw pillows are cool bananas for some people, we’ve decided they just don’t work for our lives.Here’s the new bed!
Jared came up with plans after we eyeballed some different styles we liked.  Jared’s padre scored the wood for us (which means the whole gig was almost free and the wood didn’t get thrown away, which is where it was headed) this winter.  Jared worked on it a little at a time, but had it all finished right before Memorial Day.
I almost went with a gray or clear poly sealer, but I was persuaded to go with a much darker stain instead.  The new white bedding and dark stain go together like peanut butter and jelly.  Fish and water.  Clouds and the sky.  Outdoorsy folk and vests.  Truth.

The bench around the whole bed is super stable, and makes putting on socks like child’s play.  It’s also a handy place to ditch books and shtuff.{If you’re opposed to dogs on the bed–don’t look!  Kobuk sleeps in his crate every night, but he thinks the bed is a fun place to nap and play.}

This project is Kobuk and Mary approved!

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