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there and back again

Road trips.

Love them.

Jared and I left Tuesday for our friends house–they’re four hours down the road and exactly on the way to our Colorado family.  Best bonus: “administrative leave” granted to all employs at Jared’s office, got him out of work two hours early and us down the road in time to sit around Jordan and Ruth’s coffee table grubbing on cheese and digesting life before bed.  Awesome.

I took very few pictures on this trip.

If I had used my lens I might have gotten:

4th of July party
makin’ laundry soap
bff dogs
spray painting jar lids
quilt naps in the shade
lunch with Randy and Sabrina
family pictures (excited to see them!)
girl team domination in catch phrase.  boys=roasted.
slurpee runs
late night living rooms chats
thai food attempts
dinner with Grandpa and Grandma Siffring
kitchen talks

We loved reconnecting after the busy semester and enjoying a slice of summer together.
So good.


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