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on the road again!

Am I allowed to be thankful, again?

It’s happening.


This weekend we dragged our mattress into the middle of our living room, so we could sleep as close to our window ac unit as possible (short of sleeping on the kitchen counter).  I finished sewing a quilt and Jared read a book (for fun!  love summer!).  We slept in late, rearranged the furniture, sent a bunch of stuff to the thrift shop, worshipped, and played with our friends at the lake.

Swimming for two hours straight is tiring.  
Grateful for an unexpected birthday gift from Matt and Beth.  I have the greatest friends.Excited to make my way through this read and enjoy the glow-in-the-dark capabilities of my new nalgene (r.i.p. red nalgene.  i guess i just dropped you one too many times. so sorry.)
It’s almost time to hit the road!  We leave for our Colorado fam tomorrow night after Jared gets off work.  We’ll stay with our friends in MO tomorrow night and arrive Colorado side Wednesday!  

Bring on the books-on-tape, road trip snacks, trivia games, truck naps with my mouth hanging wide open, kitchen conversations, way too many cups of coffee, catch phrase, and checking to see who’s tallest (Word on the street is that James has shot up some inches since Christmas.  Don’t worry folks, I can still take all the boys, even if they get taller than me {I thought you may have been concerned}).In the meantime, I’m trying to unravel the chaos I *may* have created from rearranging the furniture.  *So excited!*

I love snacks on the road!  We’ll be chowing on chili pumpkin seeds ( recipe from here) and some plain and taco cheese curds from here.  Ah.mazing. 

What are your favorite ways to pass the miles on a road trip?  I used to read books out-loud, but I’m prone to car sickness and a horse voice after hours reading.  Now we download books “on tape”.  I think we’re going to listen to the adventures of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn on this trip.

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